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Honeymoon Destinations in Europe in April

Do you know that Spring is the best season to visit the tourist destinations of Europe? If not, you must make sure about this fact. For the information of the honeymoon couples, here, we have provided the detail about the tourist destinations perfect for being visited in the month of April.


Honeymoon Destinations in Europe in April    

You must make sure that the season of spring appears in the middle and southern areas of Europe. The detail of the honeymoon destinations in Europe perfect for being visited in the month of April is following: 

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Situated in Netherlands, Amsterdam, which can be visited all the year round, is best to pay a visit in the month of April for taking the enjoyment of a day tour to Keukenhof, the popular tulip festival. If honeymoon couples visit this charming city in late April, they would get the chance of attending the King’s Day (previously Queen’s Day), a crazy day of celebrations, primarily being one vast street party occurring on the 27th April in 2016 A.D. During the tour of this charming city, you can also pay a visit to the famous museums such as the Houseboat Museum, Vang Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum. 

Budapest, Hungary


In the month of Spring, if you get the chance of visiting Budapest in Hungary, you would find it suitable for you. Here, you would get the chance of paying a visit to the Gellert Hill, laden with blooming trees. Here, the café terraces begin to open up and the crisp air is an excellent contrast, while taking a rest in one of the renowned hot thermal baths.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe in April

Paris, France


Being the national capital city of France, Paris, which is counted among the most beautiful cities in the world, can be best visited in the month of April. Picnicking in the magnificent parks of Paris in the season of spring is counted among the top things to do in this charming city. In this global city, you can also visit bakeries and cheese shops.  For taking the fine glimpse of the fields of cherry blossoms at Parc de Sceaux, honeymoon couples can enjoy the 20-minute train ride out of the city. 

Riga, Latvia


The romantic couples, who are willing to enjoy the month of April in the eastern part of Europe, can head to Riga in Latvia. It is so because Riga is especially well famous for being home to one of the largest Art Nouveau vicinities in the world. 

Athens, Greece


Boasting of being one of the historical cities in Europe, Athens, which is the national capital city of Greece, is famous for several historical sites. It is fine to pay a visit to this historical city in the month of April. 

Naples, Italy


Having a reputation of being a dodgy city, Naples, which is one of the top places of Italy, can be best visited in the month of April. During the visit of this breathtaking city, you must remember to engage yourself in the Neapolitan particularities such as buffalo mozzarella, pizza margarita, pasta e Piselli (pasta with peas), and pasta e Fagioli (pasta with beans). 

Andalusia, Spain

In the month of April, romantic couples can pay a visit to Andalusia, situated in the southern part of Spain. If you get the chance of escaping to this destination in this month, you would find your tour suitable for you along with your beloved.

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