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What to do in Hong Kong during your 4 days trip

Hong Kong is a very elegant place in the world and welcomes a number of travellers around the world to explore its beauty and uniqueness.

Hong Kong is an unpacked city with soaring skyscrapers, unlimited noodle stands, wild nights and finance. It is the traveller’s favourite cities in the world and they don’t leave a chance to travel. The fast speed makes a sense of enduring change and the crowds, multiculturalism and food keeps me coming back regularly.


Hong Kong is an active city of 8 millions civilisations with one of the busiest airport in the world. It can be overwhelming for a number of travellers. This four-day trip will support you to manage your tour and show you why Hong Kong is the most amazing cities in the globe.

Day 1

The Hong Kong Museum of History — if you want to know a place, you must understand its history. This museum allows you to know Hong Kong’s complex past. You would definitely be a knowledgeable visit and you will enjoy your trip.

Walk through Kowloon Park – The Park features a swimming pool, a gym, little ponds where you can see ducks, migrated birds and a plenty of restful regions where you can enjoy to get away.

The street markets in Mong Kok – This is the busiest markets in which you will get hectic ambience, sights and melody of Hong Kong. The crowds and sellers truly represent Hong Kong.

Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront — Take a leisure walk along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront and enjoy a splendid scene of Hong Kong Island. There are elegant stores, stylish restaurants and thrilling night clubs to enjoy.

Take the Star Ferry – The best way to travel from the harbour to Kowloon Island is through the Star Ferry, which showcases an unbelievable scene of the city skyline. It is one of the favourite activities.

Big Buddha in Hong Kong, Ngong Ping 360

Day 2

Ride 360 Ngong Ping – This cable car runs for 3.5 miles and gives you superb views. It covers the entire airport, harbour and the surrounding hills. The ride offers you beautiful views of the city.

Take a food tour — Hong Kong is a food paradise and you will get a variety of foods to explore. You will get delicious dishes to eat and drink. You will have a great time while exploring its food area.

Ping Shan Heritage Trail

Day 3

Walk the Ping Shan Heritage Trail – Situated in the northern region, this path takes you to some of the oldest places of the Tang clan. One more option is the Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage path. This part is always skipped by travellers.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum – This museum shows you the history and love of art. There is a big showcase about the New Territories and an opera house for dramas. Hong Kong’s historical museum offers you to know about the artistic civilisation of the city.

Che Kung Temple —This temple is devoted to Che Kung, a common in the Southern Song Dynasty in the oldest China. The temple compound here is often filled with devotees, so get ready for crowds.

Day 4

The Peak Tram – This tram takes you to the high of the Island’s largest hill which is 1,700 feet. Your ride to the top will give you 180-degree spectacular views of the Kowloon, Victoria Harbor and the surrounding hills.

Hong Kong Museum of Art — This museum is a beautiful place to see terra cotta, rhinoceros horns, Chinese ceramics and Chinese paintings, produced by Hong Kong performers.


Enjoy the nightlife at Lan Kwai Fong – The nightlife in Hong Kong is filled with lots of bars, clubs and restaurants. Nights here is wild and crowded with travellers.

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