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7 scenic pools to swim

Wish to spend your leisure time at the poolside? What would be better than jumping into the most scenic and appealing pools? From the most breath-taking and refreshing ones, here we have find out some world’s best scenic swimming pools where you will definitely want to dive in.

  1. Hotel Terme Millepini, Italy


This swimming pool has an underwater cave and a transparent underwater tunnel for voyagers. Many reputed institutions have found it the world’s deepest swimming pool for swimming.

  1. Crocosaurus Cove, Australia


Known as the Cage of Death among global travelers, Crocosaurus Cove contains some of the biggest crocodiles on the earth. Seeing these underwater creatures is a lifetime experience.

  1. Hacienda Na Xamena, Spain


Positioned on a spiritual precipice, seeing the Ibiza coastal vanguard, this swimming pool at Hacienda Na Xamena spread to the sea and hills. Enjoy some leisure time here to feel the joy of nature!

  1. Hanging Gardens of Bali, Indonesia


Taking a bath in the midst of nature is a dream that comes true here at Hanging Gardens of Bali. Enclosed by long trees and green gardens, swimming in the swimming pool of this beautiful resort refresh your mind completely!

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  1. Hotel Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Bathing high in the sky can be an exciting activity to do at the Infinity Pool of Marina Bay Sands hotel. Fix your eyes on the skyline of Singapore from the top of the building and take pleasure in the beauty of a memorable sunset.

  1. Anantara Golden Triangle Resort, Thailand


You can find different reason to travel Chiang Rai in Thailand aside from climbs and paths. The mysterious pool of the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort presents the views of the mountains of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Take a bath to experience the wonderful natural beauty.

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  1. The Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland


The immaculate landscapes of the Swiss Alps welcome you as you dive into the swimming pool of the Cambrian Hotel in Adelboden. Eye-catching snow-covered hills are an amazing picture that many people only wish to see it.

There are many resorts in the world that offers you scenic swimming pools where you will lose yourself while gazing the beautiful surroundings. But all the above are the best to soothe your mind and soul.

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