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Some truths of Bali to know

No doubt, Bali is the most beautiful spot to travel in the world. However, there are a number of people who do not aware from the beauty of Bali. Bali life always revolves around the spirituality.

The fast development in tourism sector has made a great impact on the Bali tradition and culture. Fascinatingly, Balinese civilization is still same as it was in century ago. But it is growing and making a tremendous change.



Bali is situated in Indonesia with a chain of many islands. Separated into three, the North Bali Sea is located on 3,168km away, the East is located on 3.350km away and the West is located on 2,982km away. Bali Sea wraps a region of 9,500km. The North Bali sea flows along the shoreline of Buleleng, the East Bali Sea flows along the shore of Klungkung, Gianyar and Karangasem, and the West Bali Sea consists of the coasts of Jembrana, Badung and Tabanan.


Well sun shines round the year and Bali has a misty monsoon whether, with amusing day climates. Rainy period begins – October to March, June to September is the parched season, with low dampness and it can be quite chilly in the evenings, the best time for any outside activities.


The topography of here is shaped by a hill chain that spreads from west to east dividing the island into two parts. Some of the volcanic peaks are lively like – Mount Agung, the north side of the mountain downs is quite sheer, making thin plain along the coastal regions. In the meantime, the South Downs are much thin, shaping a lush plain that turns the major hub of Balinese civilization. Some beautiful white sandy beaches are in the south.


With the growing scores of direct flights from major parts of the world, it makes simple to reach Bali. Flights to Jakarta destination is approx 1.5 hours, Singapore and Perth takes 2.5 and 3 hours to reach, Hong Kong approx 4.5 hours, and Sydney or Melbourne approx 6 hours, to reach Bali. Many airlines providing their great services check out the more details about flight schedules.

You can take help of tour agents who can also customize your trip to Bali and suggest you tour packages that will suit your budget and requirements. There are many Bali Tour packages available in the market to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.  Bali is the most beautiful place packed with many natural wonders that is simply breath-taking. A trip to this great Island will be refreshing and memorable which you will not want to forget. Book your holiday package and discover what you are looking for.