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Nightlife in Phuket: 6 stylish spots you should visit

Phuket is a nice tourist destination in Thailand. But the one word that defines the whole island is astounding. The beach sides of Patong and Karon shine with the best nightlife that contains best nightlife in Phuket.

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  1. Soi Bangla Road: Where another life starts after sundown


The island is filled with travelers throughout the year and gets charged up after sunset and Soi Bangla Road experience a busy nightlife. A night scene in Soi Bangla road is very dramatic, with some good nightclubs. From glowing lights to loud music and from expensive liquor to variety of foods, this Island has all.

  1. Wassa Homemade: The elegant sunset bars are located

Wassa Homemade-phuket

The coastal area has presented it as a great site for wonderful sunset bars in Phuket.  The rocks face regions overlooking some of the perfect beaches in Thailand. Patong, Kata, and Karon – are filled with a number of sunset bars popular for dine and wine. The place is popular for exceptional sunset sight of the Patong Bay, restful music and nearby tranquility.

  1. Seduction Nightclub: Drink, Dance & Dine

Seduction Nightclub

Popular for the most entertaining nightclubs in Phuket, some well known clubs are – VIP Room, New Tiger, White Room and Illuzion. But the seduction nightclub is the biggest discotheque that draws stylish and elegant throng all evening. And you might come across with some popular celebrities across the world.

  1. Simon Cabaret: Get ready to amazed

Simon-Cabaret-Get-ready to-amazed

Simon Cabaret is the best sites to travel in Phuket as you can witness cabaret show by the fashionable ‘lady-boys’. The show is a story-telling act that will take travelers through a number of nations such as – Russia, Egypt, Australia, India, China, Korea, and Taiwan. The interesting digital sound and gripping visual effects of the show mix extra energy in Phuket nightlife.

  1. Fantasea: The magical attractions of Phuket


Fantasea is an artistic compound and offers you one of the most famous options of Nightlife in Phuket. The show is something like refreshing and compelling heritage of Thailand, mixed with renovation and advanced technology. Stretched in 140 acres, Fantasea is an important place of nightlife in Phuket. The magical music, stylish stage, a number of fun games, graceful shops, theme villages, wildlife and mouth-watering cuisines mesmerizes all travelers.

  1. Suzy Wong: Experience the glamour of nightlife

Suzy Wong’s is the most desirable place in Phuket in terms of nightlife. It is well-known for its dazzling red Chinese theme decor, live music, fashionable crowd, and good-looking performers. The pole dance acts mixed with brilliant beat and dim-lit atmosphere improves the glamour of the place.

Nightlife in Thailand gives you a blood-pumping experience with memorable moments to cherish. Whenever you visit the destination, must explore its nightlife and move your body on the irresistible beats of music. Best Thailand tour packages from Mumbai are also a great way to discover the nightlife of Phuket.