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Top 10 foods in Singapore to taste

Cuisines in Singapore are totally different due to its people belongs to different cultures and religions. A trip to its local street food centers or food courts of a shopping mall will be an eye-opening.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese-Chicken Rice
Hainanese Chicken Rice

Steamed chicken accompanied with cooked rice is served in plate. This is a fulfilling lunch and can be prepared quickly. The quality of this dish can be predicted by the aroma of the steamed rice. Pour some tomato sauce over the plate and serve it.

  1. Chilli Crab


Chilli  Crab

Crabs cooked with tomato chili are a semi-thick gravy dish. The boiled crabs are partly broken, then flippantly fried in a chili sauce, ketchup and eggs. In spite of its name, chili crab is not spicy. Bread is normally served with this dish to enjoy with gravy.

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  1. Laksa
ready in 10 - oodles of noodles - chicken laksa
Oodles of noodles – chicken laksa

Rice noodles dipped in highly spiced coconut curry soup with other items like Shrimp, fish cakes, egg and chicken. Laksa also has a lot of alternative, but the one that is very famous is Katong laksa. Cockles and tofu puffs are also ordered.

  1. Char kway teow
Char kway teow

A popular noodle dish cooked with bean sprouts, shallots, soy sauce and additional oyster sauce.

  1. Hokkien prawn noodles

The dish contains egg and rice noodles, pieces of pork, prawns and squid. The dish is served and garnished with vegetables, Sambal sauce and lime.

  1. Barbecued stingray

Also called as Spicy Banana Leaf Stingray, it is a seafood dish. Cooked by barbecuing stingray and served with Sambal paste. Sambal stingray can be simply arranged at hawker centers of Singapore.

  1. Fish head curry
Fish Head Curry

Head of fish and vegetables cooked in a curry and offered with rice, it is usually served with a glass of local lime juice. It is a South Indian dish that is mixed with Chinese and Malaysian ingredients. In some dishes, tamarind juice is mixed to add extra flavor.

8 Satay

It is a dish of grilled meat, served with a sauce and cucumber. This dish is an excellent starter and has strong turmeric aroma and taste. Choose to eat from pork.

9 Char siu

This dish is served with a kind portion of barbecued pork in a slightly thick sauce.

10 Oyster Omelets


An egg omelet combined with flour and deep fried with small oysters decorated with coriander leaves.

Singapore is filled with lots of food options and each dish has its aroma and flavor to make your trip memorable to this fascinating Singapore Holiday destination Packages. If you are a food lover and visiting the place in recent time then must try all these above foods which will be enough to make your mind blow. You can also try some other dishes of Singapore, which will be also refreshing and lip-smacking.