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Top 7 Dubai adventure sports

Attractive tall structures and superb shopping malls are the main attractions of Dubai; travelers are also traveling to Dubai for adventure sports. There is a huge range of activities which you can enjoy during the Dubai trip.

Just explore the 7 Dubai adventure sports!

  1. Skydiving


Dubai’s skyscrapers are globally famous due to its surprising architectures. These constructions have only one of its kind look and travelers experience like they are in the sky – an attention-grabbing experience you will never miss.

Just think to take a free fall from the top of these structures or from a plane. The best part of Dubai is its climate for skydiving.

  1. Desert Safari


Despite the skyscrapers which look interesting and maul a paradise for shoppers, don’t fail to remember that Dubai is nestled in a desert land. To add extra attractions in your trip, go for a Dubai Desert Safari. Take pleasure in the wonderful experience of driving which is arranged in a luxurious vehicle on sand dunes. Enjoy the ride with your loved ones. For bike lovers, bikes are also present. There are a number of vehicles which is used in desert safaris.

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  1. Desert Camping


Desert camping also a fun-loving activity which every traveler loves to do. It is a great experience that you can enjoy completely. For an amazing feel, it is good to go for camp with experienced campers or a group tour.

  1. Water Sports


There are many water sports which are played in Dubai and the most popular among travelers. Tourists come from every parts of the globe to enjoy in its water parks, beach sports, and others.

  1. Mountain Biking


The popular mountain called Al Hajar Mountains are placed in the east part of Dubai, which offers you a chance to take pleasure in mountain biking. On your adventure, you will see hilly goats, lizards, donkeys and other animals.

  1. Motorsports

If you are in Dubai on a vacation then can’t miss the parade of refreshing and luxurious sports cars. Don’t be surprise, motorsports are a must see adventure sports activity of here. If you love to see and drive the high-octane cars, then you’ll definitely love this spirit of Dubai. Interestingly, you can hire a super-car at the Dubai Autodrome and drive with experts in a safe environment.

  1. Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing activity is growing day by day in Dubai and in the past decade, travelers have shown their interest to try their stamina to climb on the Al Hajar Mountains. There is no reason for a traveler to not discover desert and mountains in Dubai.

Dubai is known for its beautiful and surprising architectures but instead of that it is also popular for its refreshing adventure sport activities which excite every adventure lovers to come and enjoy all these activities to get plenty of fun and entertainment. If you are on a Dubai vacation, must include these sports activities to make your vacation more memorable, adventurous and refreshing.