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A train ride to the panoramic view of Thailand

There are many options to travel inside the Thailand, ranging from planes, taxis, buses and trains. Flights are little expensive, fast and cool – a good option for those who have more money than time. Taxis can be effective but not for mid distances. Buses are famous among travelers, but a frequent change between places can be trouble full. Trains are much better than buses, taxis and planes as they provides you a comfortable journey to reach your destination with stunning picturesque of the countryside. For longer journeys it is a perfect way to meet new people, as the journey can be an ideal ice-breaker.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai


A train trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is considered as a popular route with distance of 700 km and takes 11-12 hours by superfast trains. If you prefer, there is an overnight luxurious train service offer you comfort and saves time during your travel. You will assisted by train staffs who know local and English language. Book your ticket prior to travel, generally trains start on time, but the single track may cause delays.

Discovering Thailand by Train


The best option for the backpackers is the 2nd class Pullman cars where the seats face each other and can be turned into beds for the night. You luggage is secure as the security arrangements are generally good. 2nd class AC coaches may be available but fans and open windows are generally more comfortable. First class is generally more comfortable, if you have budget then make your way to it as comfort, privacy and gives great value of your money.

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Bangkok to Maeklong


Next wonderful train journey is the 70 km trip from Bangkok to Maeklong. Travelers can take the trip to get a unique experience. The journey is separated by two trains ferry ride, best of all, the train runs through the middle of the popular Thailand market decorated by fruits and vegetables. The vibrant color of the market will attract you to take a stroll inside it and see what the market has to offer.

Bangkok to Kanchanaburi and River Kwai


The journey takes 5 days from Bangkok Tour Package and River Kwai. It will be an amazing and great experience. Board on the train from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi to spend few days relaxing on the laid-back River Kwai, you will be amazed by the trip along with seeing the beautiful attractions of Kanchanaburi.

If you want to know about Thailand in detail then must board on the train to explore the attractions of here, which are just awe-inspiring and breath-taking. Thailand is a great holiday and honeymoon destination in the world where travelers can enjoy their memorable time while discovering lots of good things, for which the Thailand is known in the world. We suggest you that there is no other best mode of transportation in Thailand, which can bring you so much fun, excitement and happy moments. I think it would be also helpful to know the fellow passengers who are traveling to their destinations.