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10 wonderful summer places to travel in Europe

Whenever we think to plan a vacation in Europe during summer season, automatically the beautiful beach resorts or the popular cities spring in our mind. Most people would not think to book a week at a polish beach resort or search out for an Island castle in the north of France. But if you think that it is right for your road trip then worry not; we have brought you some fact.

  1. Cinque Terre, Italy
Cinque Terre,  Italy

In the north part of Italy, take a short train ride from Pisa you will see the rocky and colorful landscape of Cinque Terre. A favorite place for writers, novelists and travelers, you can find a number of beaches, superb restaurants and eye-catching views. If you want to see the most photogenic place in Italy then you should move here –  Italy Tour Packages from India  .

  1. Sopot, Poland
Sopot, Poland

Well, very few of us know that Sopot is filled with sandy beaches, huge pier and great value of your price that you will miss in most of Europe. With a short train ride, you can hold your fun without missing sightseeing.

  1. Lake Bled, Slovenia
Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church, Lake Bled, Slovenia
Lake Bled, Slovenia

This soul soothing lake in the Julian Alps (Slovenia) is located at 55 km away from the capital city, Ljubljana. This tourist place with Island tower in the middle and mountains in the backdrop make this Lake Bled an awe-inspiring spot for a nature getaway.

  1. Bournemouth, UK
Bournemouth Beach

Mostly we think to visit Brighton when we talk about the beaches in England, but Bournemouth is also becoming a trendiest and happiest spot to get you relax. Victorian structural design and energetic nightlife of this area attracts travelers to do 2 hours of drive from London. It is a perfect summer day.

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  1. Iceland

You will find always something new on your every visit. Discover Ice caves in the winter and in summer, you will have rocky green landscapes. Whole day sunlight makes it a pretty unique spot to relax under the sun. Find out the waterfalls, black sand beaches and enjoy the road tour around the Island.

  1. Carvoeiro, Portugal
Carvoeiro Portugal

The south-part of Portugal is packed with splendid beaches and electrifying nightlife. Carvoeiro a small place is commonly voted for its beautiful beaches in the world. You can find a type of fishing village feel that has century’s old history. There are attractive white structures made into the cliff, along with a lighthouse, the 17th-century fort and a number of bars and restaurants at the entrance.

  1. Korčula, Croatian island


Korcula Croatian island

Rich in grape-bearing vines, olive orchards and small villages, and harboring a magnificent old city, the island of Korčula is one of the biggest Adriatic island, spread in nearly 47km. Hop on a ferry ride to get a slow pace of life or sip beers opposite impressive sunsets, you will have a nice time pass.

  1. Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm’s gorgeous look and style sense could almost be daunting. Country like Sweden, whose existence in world’s pop-culture is quite good for summer getaway. Think picnics in big parks, museums to explore and traveling around the city by canoe.

  1. Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France
Le Mont Saint Michel France

Take a drive for 2 hours from Paris and you will reach Le Mont-Saint-Michel a small rocky Island. The place is best known for steeple church, hotels and restaurants to discover. A few days of every month the wave increases and covers most part of the road and separating the fort.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Turkey

The gorgeous city of Turkey is a wonderful place to travel. You will feel the exciting vibe of old vs. new, the colonial past of the town surprise you at each corner. If you can bear the scorching heat of the sun then summer is a grand time to enjoy in the city before moving to the perfect beach.

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While taking pictures, scuba diving, eating street foods, seriously losing yourself in its romantic atmosphere, sipping a beer on the road, you can weave a beautiful memory of Europe tour.