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Best Time to Visit Nepal and Bhutan

Being both landlocked and separated solely by the Indian state of Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan, which are the Himalayan countries, are bordered by India and the People’s Republic of China. Both the countries are frequently visited by innumerable tourists from every nook and corner of the world. Although both the countries are visited all the year round, yet we have mentioned about the best time to visit both the countries.


Best Time to Visit Nepal

Nepal experiences a typical monsoonal, two-season year. As Spring or Pre-Monsoon (between March and May/Mid June) and Autumn or Post-Monsoon (between Mid-September and November) bring almost fine weather, they are the best times to visit Nepal. Both these prime tourist seasons, which tend to be fairly dry, offer pleasant conditions for taking the enjoyment of rafting, trekking, sightseeing and soon.

Note: – It is to be noted that monsoon in Nepal is not the typical monsoon of Asia. And that rain simply occurs during the nighttime leaving the sky clear and clean in the morning making the Himalayan glimpse even more dramatic.

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Best Time to Visit Bhutan


The ideal time to visit Bhutan is the season of Spring and Autumn. Nevertheless, winter and summer have their own attractions and draws.


As flowers would be in full bloom in Bhutan in Spring, it is the best time to explore this country for nature lovers, who are interested in local flora, must think of exploring it in the end of April or in May.

Autumn (Fall)


Another crowded and high season to visit Bhutan is Autumn (Fall). Though this country does not provide browning forest nor Maples, the mild weather in Autumn (Fall) makes it the best time to explore Bhutan. In the end of September or early October, Thimphu Festival normally occurs. 


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