Cheer up for your love again in Andaman and Nikobar


In spite of how long you two have been a couple, it is never too late to make a plan for honeymoon. Apart from everything, Andaman Nicobar Honeymoon Packages suits your budget perfectly. We tell you how you can enjoy your Andaman vacation.

  1. Board on the inter-island helicopter – Well this is not a daily tourist activity, so you will have to require a permit from the civil aviation of the state and book your trip in advance. The price is charged on the short and long rides. A one hour travel will cost you around Rs. 5000, but a short ride will also give you equally brilliant mid-air visions of the ocean, Island beauty and coral reefs.


2.Go for diving together – One of the breath-taking experiences in Andaman, if you and your spouse like underwater activities, why not enjoy together to celebrate your romance. The best thing is that you will be around the most beautiful creatures of the nature. Dive, swim and enjoy your vacation.

3.Renovate your romance at the beach under the sky – May be this can be a little boring but it never fails to excite your mind and soul. Choose a beach and arrange a small ceremony to rejoice your wedding memory without any rituals, guests and the wedding schedule. The Island has wonderful scenes but is normally too populated for such activities.


4.Go for hiking in the tropical jungles – The Island has beautiful expansion of wilderness where you can enjoy long hiking and camping with your wife. The beaches are like new with soft sands and if you are fortunate enough, then you can see dolphins.

5.Dine at the elegant restaurants – Andaman has the best seafood places to offer. Its restaurants with romantic ambience and natural décor make you book your table again and relish on the freshest seafood while being pampered by the gentle sea wind. Their seafood dishes and other foods are extraordinary.

6.Rent a scooty to Havelock Island – Havelock Island is a superb place in the archipelago where you can find a lot of touristy activities like – restaurants, resorts and the prettiest beaches. Have fun by hiring a scooty to discover the Havelock. Drive around and enjoy your time with peace and tranquility. Watch the sunset in the evening.


7.Exchange kiss underwater – The underwater sea walk can make your Andaman Nikobar Honeymoon Tour memorable, particularly if you are a non-diver. Take it as a fun and exchange kiss while standing on the seabed. Must carry a camera to take pictures! The activity will be extremely safe and you will have a mind-blowing experience to remember.

8.Scale Saddle Peak – If both of you love to climb then a trekking trip to Saddle peak will be a nice time killing activities. The route is superbly artistic with lush greenery. The hiking is somewhat challenging though, so make sure you are physically healthy. The scenes from the top will simply take your breath away.

9.Enjoy spa massage – The luxurious resorts in Andamans offer you an Ayurvedic Wellness Centre during your stay. Treat yourself with an exotic massage which will be done by professionally trained staffs. Their Ayurvedic techniques will guarantee you to achieve relaxation and rejuvenation.

10.Know history about Ross Island – There is something romantic about ruins of the city. The history of Ross Island takes you back to the British Era. The ruins are found into the deep tropical forests. The place has a lively past of attack and natural disasters, with lots of histories to let you know.

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