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DOWNTOWN DUBAI is one of the most popular parts of DubaiAlso referred as the ‘City of Heights’ or the ‘City of Gold’, Dubai, which is the cosmopolitan and splendid city, is counted among the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Thousands and thousands of vacationers, Dubai honeymoon packages couples and backpackers visit this wonderful destination every year.

In spite of revealing the modernity, Dubai has the touch of conservatives, so the people, who want to travel to this destination, must take care to follow the local customs and laws. Here is the mention of what not to do in Dubai: 

Public Displays of Affection

During the tour to Dubai, public displays of affection such as kissing, getting cozy with your beloved or holding hands must be avoided, otherwise these activities could lead to imprisonment or arrests. 



Tourists should take drink in a hotel in Dubai as drinking or being drunk publicly is restricted and the legal age for drinking is 21.


Sex outside Marriage

If the sex between unmarried couples is being made in Dubai, it is considered illegal and can lead to hard criminal sanctions. 


It is illegal in Dubai to make any homosexual acts and it can lead to hard punishment. 


It is illegal to make any nudity at beaches in this destination. Swimsuits in general should be modest and wearing bathing clothes outside the beach is against the decency laws of Dubai.



In Dubai, visitors mustn’t make swearing or rude gestures like the indication with middle finger, as these activities are counted among the criminal acts in the UAE.



Smoking in a shopping mall, shop or government building can lead to a fine.



To ‘harass’ woman including unwanted conversation and prolonged gazing or eye contact, which is illegal in Dubai, can lead to imprisonment.



Capturing photographs of people, especially women, without their permission is liable to offense and can result in fines or arrests.



You mustn’t carry drugs on Dubai tour as the laws of the UAE on drugs, which include the life in jail or the death penalty.



Women in Dubai shouldn’t wear the clothes, which are transparent, tight or fitted above the knees or revealing her back, shoulders or stomach because this type of clothing of women is regarded indecent. Instead of wearing short shorts, men should always wear T-shirts to avoid the leading to attract the wrong type of attention.



If you are non-Muslim on Dubai tour during Ramadan, you mustn’t drink, eat or smoke publicly in front of Muslims from sunrise to sunset. To do so in Dubai is illegal.



It is illegal in Dubai to take several medications available over the counter or as prescribed by the doctors of Australia.



On basis of Dubai Tourist Information mentioned above, we can say that the tourists going to Dubai for a tour, must follow the rules issued by the Dubai government authority. Book Dubai Honeymoon Packages to take the enjoyment of the celebration of your luxurious honeymoon with your better half in this splendid desert city.