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Thailand Honeymoon Tips

honeymoon-packageHaving something for everybody and being the ideal destination for those searching for blending culture with idyllic resorts at beaches, Thailand is blessed with different attractions, legendary hospitality and tropical climate.

 Book a Hotel near the Sky Train


To get main attractions and sights quicker and easier and be capable of getting more fun in your stay, you should book a hotel near the sky train.

 Splurge on a Hotel on the River


You should demand for a room with a river view because Thailand is suitable for an affordable luxury honeymoon. Here, you’ll be capable of continuing the taking the glimpse of the charming sparkling lights by night and the river traffic.

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 Fill Your Room with Flowers

By decorating your bath with orchids from the Flower Market, situated at a walking distance of some minutes from the Grand Palace, increase the romance of your honeymoon. Furnish your room with color and charm for pennies.

 Respect the Royals

Comprising stepping on Thai currency having an image of the king, to disrespect the royal family is against the law in this country. You shouldn’t commonly converse about the royal family in order to be safe. Whenever you hear the Thai national anthem, you must stand still.

 Temple Etiquette


While visiting temples, you must dress conservatively such as women should put on long skirts or pants that cover the knees and shoulders and men should avoid swim trunks and tank-tops. Take off shoes before your entry to temples, never take flash photographs and never put your feet facing the image of Buddha because this is regarded disrespectful in Thailand. Sitting cross-legged in temples is best.

 What to pack for Thailand

  • A pair of slightly colored pants for flying and cooler days
  • Pack Bermuda shorts longer than short shorts because short shorts are restricted outside of a beach resort in Thailand.
  • For visiting temples, a maxi can also be put on instead of pants and to cover the shoulders, a scarf can just be brought in the purse.
  • Comfortable walking sandals and shoes
  • A flowery short dress for roaming around town
  • A hat for the protection from the scorching sun
  • A white shirt that suits with everything comprising 1-2 tops like this one and maxi dress
  • A bathing suit for the pool if you’re proceeding to the beaches

Best Time to Enjoy Honeymoon in Thailand


The period between November and March, when Thailand experiences little rain and the humidity is lower, is best to enjoy honeymoon here, whereas from June to September is the best time to explore Koh Samui.

If you want to celebrate your honeymoon in Thailand, conveniently, easily, comfortably and luxuriously, make sure to follow the honeymoon tips well.