Best Cruise Honeymoon Packages from India


“You deserve the best” this phrase is often heard around weddings, as people dazzle out much of the efforts and money then can afford to make that one special day. However, no matter how much one makes the wedding a picturesque event. Is should be followed by a relaxing honeymoon for the couple to wind down from being their best’s of the lifetime. So, in this article we are going to discuss about cruise honeymoon packages  around India, yet that gives you a status and an experience of an international honeymoon.



Bearing the mighty Himalayas  as a scenic view, Bhutan offers you a royal and green welcome, the natures pastures painted with lush green, towering glorious mountain views, crystal clear rivers, this destination entitles you to have  cozy honeymoon, away from all the ruckus of the big city, yet being lively and enticing in a soul surging way.



Nepal is another scenic mountain clad nation, yet unique from everything else, spending your honeymoon in Nepal enables you to experience a lot of adventure as the country boasts to have the World’s highest peak Mt Everest. The nature and calm of the country will soothe your nerves and the enthralling views will smolder your passion for life and also for your wife. *wink*



Not as much popular or first thought of as its rivaling destination, this laid back city will deliver you a sense of calm by its humble nature. The horse chariot rides and the wooden boat ride in river Irradwary will take you to a time that one cannot experience in a modern bustling city.



Malaysia is no new contender in the honeymoon destination, this coastal nation will ensure you have a relaxing much needed getaway to enjoy your beloved in romantic peace. Though the city offers a calm to soothe your senses, there is no shortage of activities to do, ranging from swimming in the coral reef to mystical rainforest caves. Malaysia has all that is to make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience.

Sri Lanka


If looking for an international destination near India, Sri Lanka has all that you need to have a spectacular honeymoon with its beaches, clear rivers, lush green and its vast tea plantations. Sri Lanka will give you a tropical experience with its climate neither cold nor hot. It is a perfect destination for a tropical getaway.

The above mentioned are the cruise honeymoon tour packages for international honeymoon destinations around India.

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