Blue Maldives


Blue sea, Blue Beaches, Blue Sky!

Love the blue? Wish to witness the Beauty of Blue? Come feel the happy blues at the Maldives.

The destination of Maldives has wooed many hearts from around the world. Located in the South East Asia, this romantic place has been listed among the best honeymoon destinations.  Be it a romantic beach walk or the beach sports with your adventurous partner, from dive in the sea to the running activities, you can get it all at the Maldives.

Why Maldives?

Not just the awestruck beauty of this destination, but also the fact that this place has something very sumptuous to offer to its guest tourists. From the underwater restaurant Ithaa to the romantic night fishing spots, maldives holiday package from india have it all.


You would love to sink in all the worldly joys of the place and catch the eye of the most beautiful fishes at the hottest fishing spots.

What is not known about the magical Ithaa the underwater restaurant? Well, it really does appear to be like a fantasy book. Too many fishes and other marine life all around you that you see through that glass! Indeed it’s a beautiful fantasy in the living (Right in-front of your eyes).

Please note that Maldives being an Islamic nation is more of a nature lover and a beach promoting destination. Clubs and night life is not the main agenda of the place. Certainly the main agenda is the beachy night life here.

The enchanting capital city of Male


The astounding capital urban city of Maldives, Male is a heart throbbing metropolitan which is once in a lifetime destination for sure. This city is the best for nocturnal outings at the shimmery and beautiful beaches.  Mind you, no dance clubs can overcome the charm of these jubilant beaches that look ecstatic under the roof of the moonlight and the stars.

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