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Life has many colors, many places and many more things that teach you while you travel to places. One such great travel adventure is to explore the beautiful place of the North east India. best holiday packages for north east India is all that you need.

Rich in culture and the entire heritage, North-East is noted to have the most vibrant colors kind of a culture.

Things to Do in India

India, the land of happiness where the term “Guest is God” is an appropriate ritual that everyone abides by is not just a land but is considered to be the heaven on this earth.


There are numerous things to do in India before you leave and go ahead off to some other tour.

  • A visit to the wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations and historical monuments is one of the most important things to do in India. If not done so, trust us you haven’t lived India!
  • ..! Indian food is the second most important thing on your “TO DO” list. The herbs and spices are the trademark for all the tourists who love food, visit the highway Punjabi dhabas, old Delhi, Chowki Dhani and a lot more to give it all to your taste buds
  • No adventure like that of the topsy turvey curvey roads of the Ladakh to take up a Bike Trip with. This is a must to do when in India.
  • Romance out your love at the valley of flowers by visiting the Himalyan Region.
  • Are you a nature and a wildlife lover ? India is the best place for you then! Do not forget to play in the lap of nature at the National Wildlife parks that are located in various stats of India. Corbett National park is a must to visit !
  • The history of India and Pakistan has become more of a franternity in the upcoming years. All you can realize when you visit the Wagah Border. Feel the military and feel yourself to be the Jawan and the proud soilder among the Jawans of India at teh Wagah Border.golden-temple
  • If in India, one can never ignore the religious aspect of Unity in Diversity that India abides by. For this you have to pay a visit to the lovely Golden Temple at Amritsar, Daragah, Varanasi, Lotus temple and uncountable places that you will fall in love with.
  • Your Fitness happiness is the fact that India has blessed the world with. Practicing yoga and taking up the health and yoga tours is the best and the perfect idea to get your holiday to make a balanced life without affecting your health and fitness.
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