Singapore for the Honeymoon’s


Singapore officially known as the Republic of Singapore is a diamond shaped main island with 60 other small inlets. Singapore is a modern country with top notch amenities around the nation. When I decided to have a vacation, I decided to choose a location that has all modern amenities with no language problems. Singapore is the best fit for all my criteria. Singapore is a hassle free vacation destination, to lose all your worries and to gain only some capturing memories. My great tour of republic of Singapore  made me visit many tourist attractions, here is my top tourist destinations in Singapore that is is a sin to miss out, if you are touring the Great Republic of Singapore with the Singapore Honeymoon Package from Delhi.



Having trouble with sleeping I decided to do something fun for my night. Instead of the usual array of antics to waste the night away partying in clubs and pubs, Singapore has a peculiar pass time organized for the tourists. The Night Safari, yes you heard it right,  for the people who wish to have a different night life experience, Singapore has a night safari that host nocturnal animals Ln display. This is an entirely new experience for the tourists as it is something that is not much heard of and it is a pleasant surprise listed in the Singapore Honeymoon Package from Delhi.



Being built on 1887, Raffles hotel is a world renowned destination having lots of historical celebrities having spent their night at this grand hotel. Raffles hotel hosts 15 restaurant and bars, ands hold the prestige of inventing the famous cocktail, The Singapore sling.

These are some of the attractions of Singapore that left me with a lifetime of memories, I as a person who has the exquisite experience in Singapore advice  all my fellow humans who wishes to visit, be enthralled and experience this wonderful notation to not to miss out the above said destinations.

These destinations in Singapore are a must to visit if you sore touring the greatn Republic of Singapore. Even missing one of the above mentioned tourist attractions terms your Singaporean experience an incomplete, as these are the necessities that a tourist has to check in his list while touring the great Republic of Singapore by taking up the Singapore Honeymoon Package from Delhi.

Thus, my great Singapore adventure came to an end with my leaving with smiles and a bit teary-eyed as I part the country maybe with a little heart as all good things that should come to an end, I tread back to my home not regretting a moment.