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Experience the Fine Attractions of Singapore


The city of Singapore is the famous tourist destination, which has been mentioned as a thriving cosmopolitan city brimmed up with diversity with an enticing combination of architecture, arts, culture and language. Inspiring continuously innovating to provide new experiences, she is a dynamic city. The feature, that sets her apart from other tourist destinations, is her own mix of offerings. Book Singapore Holiday Packages from Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kerala, Hyderabad available at the reputed tour & travel company ARV Holidays (P) Ltd. and get a sweet experience of the life long.

 Singapore Tour Packages

Singapore is the famous tourist destination, which boasts of the culture with diversity, historical landmarks, exciting events and activities and religious sites. It is a complete place for all whether one is making a plan for vacation or searching for a popular honeymoon destination. To suit different requirements of tourists, above all, there are a number of Singapore Tour Packages.

The attention of tourists is drawn towards Singapore for its many man-made tourist attractions, such as the Universal Studios and Flyer. Here the tourists are kept busy during their stay by Singapore Art Museum (SAM), the National Museum, China Town, Little India, Clarke Quay, etc. Besides this, the rich cultural scene of this charming country is reflected by the presence of places of worship like the Chinese Temple, Indian Temple and Sultan Mosque.

The itineraries of almost all the Singapore Tour Packages have the features of a visit to the charming beaches of Singapore. Situated on this island country, some of the renowned beaches are Siloso Beach, Changi Beach, Tanjong Beach, Palawan Beach and the beach along the West Coast Park or East Coast Park with each having a particular character. Visitors may be indulged by the activities like kayaking or volleyball or the enjoyment is provided to them by a nap under the trees of palm on the beaches, which are a hit among elders and youngsters both.

Another main tourist attraction of this tourist destination is the charming landscape, which proves to be a paradise for the lovers of nature. To praise the charm of nature of this charming tourist destination, tourists can visit the landscaped parks and gardens or roam through the wetlands and rainforests. Night Safari, which provides to the tourists the chance to closely observe the wild creatures, can also be enjoyed by them. Behavior after Sunset: the enjoyment of occurring and vibrant nightlife of Singapore can be taken by those searching for some more excitement and fun. For live entertainment venues, Singapore has unlimited alternatives to make for a occurring nightlife, from bars and lounges that serve a choice of drinks, nightclubs and discotheques that cater to parties hedonists.


Another aspect that draws the attention of the tourists, who can either spend quality time with loved ones at any of the fine dining restaurants or whet their appetite with sumptuous street food. Singapore, which is enriched with the best of man-made and natural tourist attractions, is undoubtedly among the most famous tourist destinations in the Southeast Asian area. To visit this magnificent land in a very hassle-free manner, try getting hands on the ideal Singapore Holiday Packages from Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kerala, Hyderabad available at the prestigious tour & travel company ARV Holidays (P) Ltd.