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Every one likes travelling. It makes the life interesting and live. For a few days at least we are away from our daily routine, stressful life etc. The purpose behind travelling may be different  i.e. historical visit, just to spend few days in nature, to spend vacation etc.

There are no. of visiting places in India and it is not possible to cover all the places within a short time. Many people like to see some particular places during a short time. Even the foreigners who come for a short time to India, would like to cover some places which have got importance for them.

On insistence and repeated requests from different travelers, Golden Triangle Tour is being conducted. There are many tour operators who conduct this tour which is beneficial for all types of travelers. In fact, Jaipur India Golden Triangle Tours  is the most popular tourist circuit in India.

The places covered in this tour are Jaipur, Agra and Delhi.


Delhi – It is the political capital of India. This is the place from where visits to different Northern areas can be organized. All the major cities of India and abroad are connected with Delhi. Its mention is also there in our epic – The Mahabharat. Today, Delhi is in new shape and colour.

There are many tourist, historical places in Delhi. India Gate, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Mughal Garden, Chandni chowk, Kutub Minar which represent glorious history of Delhi. Akshardham, Laxmi Temple etc. are the new architectural representation. Delhi is a paradise for shopping, eating and sight seeing. It is said, ‘Delhi is the heart of Hindustan.

Agra – The most famous and the seventh wonder of the world i.e. The Taj Mahal is in Agra. Fatehpur Sikri, Agra fort are other attractions of Agra. This city is on the banks of river Yamuna. The Taj Mahal is worth to be seen at least once in life.


Jaipur – It is a capital city of Rajasthan, also known as Pink city. Ambar Fort, city palace, Jantar mantar, Hava Mahal etc. are the attractions of Jaipur.

This tour is being operated by different operators including Rajasthan State Government owned-operated tourism development. RTDC is another more organized and responsive operator. Delhi tourism is also organizing this tour. There are some private operators also who are keen to organize this tour. The operators give different names and different packages to attract the travelers.

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