himachal-tours When I was in school, Geography had been my favorite subject. I was always interested in knowing about the land, mountains, rivers, valleys, hilly areas, the places of natural beauties, plain areas etc. During my college days, we used to go for movies, particularly romantic movies, in which different natural scenes, their photography, songs etc. used to attract us.  In fact, I was very curious and enthusiastic to see the nature very closely.

I wanted to be very near to the beautiful Himalayas and nearby places but unfortunately, I could not get the opportunity. And when I got the opportunity, I could not stop myself in making the program of Himachal Pradesh. When I was asked for my choice for honey moon, I immediately suggested Himachal Pradesh.

When you talk about Himachal Pradesh, you just start thinking about Himalayas, peaks covered with white snow, shining in the sun rays. Cold climate, Hilly area, fair skinned people, trees full of fruits and flowers, small and big rivers and streams etc. Himachal Pradesh is a state of India bordered by Jammu and Kashmir on the North, Punjab, Haryana and Uttarakhand. Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh.

Natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh As the name suggests, the area is in the lap of Himalayas. 90% of the population lives in villages and towns. Best tourist place both in summer and winter. How the nature has spread its beauty throughout the area. It’s really amazing.

 Fantastic Railway Very different from our city trains…. Here, it is very difficult to explain the surroundings through which the train passed and the beauty we could observe during the journey.

Shimla A Capital city of Himachal Pradesh A wonderful place… It is also known as Queen of Hills. We wanted to spend some more time in Shimla and hence, we straight way came to Shimla. Rail, Road and Air transport services are quite easily available to reach Shimla. The main air port is Jubbarhati, located 24 km away from the town.

There are many interesting places in and nearby Shimla which attract tourists. Travelers are interested and even very curious to see the beauty of Pine and Deodar Forests, Grand Mountains, serene valleys, varied adventure sports and gorgeous natural landscapes. While moving around, I was just feeling as if I were in the heaven. I could not believe that I would be able to fulfill my dream any time in my life.

State Museum We also visited Shimla State Museum which aims to protect hill out and the cultural riches of Himachal. Indian Institute of Advance study is located in Viceregal Lodge which was established in 1984-88. However, we could not visit this place.

Jakhu Hill This is just 2 km away from Shimla. Jakhu Hills holds the highest peak in the hill station. From this peak, on one side there is a pleasing sight of Shimla and on the other side, snow rapped Himalaya. It was very difficult to decide what to see first and then the other one. We were overwhelmed with the sight. From Shimla, we went to Manali, which is another most beautiful tourist place in Himachal Pradesh.

Manali – In fact, we had read somewhere that Manali is the best place for honey moon couples. The river Beas is the additional beauty of this beautiful place. trekking-tour Manali gives purely heavenly bliss. This place also attracts the adventure seekers and sports people as they can enjoy the sports such as Kayaking, Rafting, canoeing etc. in the River Beas. Other Attractions of Manali are, Tibetan Monasteries, Hadimba Temple, Rohtang Pass, Vashist Spring, Arjun Gufa. Due to the shortage of time, we could not visit all these places. However, we did not leave the chance to visit Hadimba Temple and Rohtang Pass. Hadimba Temple is constructed in wood and contains four storeys.

The temples’ architecture and wooden door is quite different and fascinating also. Rohtang pass is spotted at a distance of 51 km from Manali. In fact, it was really a fantastic and amazing experience. There is a beautiful Desohar Lake and the origin point of the Beas River named as Beas Kund. The water here is transparent and clean and completely chilled. It’s really a wonderful place.

ROHTANG PASS –  people enjoying on snow.  KULLU SOLANG VALLEY. –  a side valley at the top of the Kully valley.   It is 14 km North West of the resort town Manali.

BHRIGU LAKE. It is located at the elevation of 4300 meters  in Kullu District. This is the place where sages used to mediate. It is a belief that due to this, the place has become sacred and this lake never freezes completely. Apart from these, there are many more places which are quite famous for sightseeing but due to the lack of time, we could not visit them.

It is good also to some extent because then we will have a chance to visit these places again when we go next on this tour. During this period, what we enjoyed is our stay at these places. The hotels, the roads, the services rendered by different people at different places were very much appreciable. People were very co operative and very innocent. As if they had no effect of city life. When the tourists were enjoying playing on snow, they used to warn for taking care.

How to move in the snow The food was also quite tasty. Even the tea had some different taste as if it was the smell of their ‘mitti’. We could also know for the first time, the culture and tradition of these people. We were so impressed by their dressing style that we also tried to wear such dresses. In the last, I would just say that I was very very happy as my dream was getting fulfilled, not 100%, but to my satisfaction. I have now, once again come to the conclusion, that what we see, will come with us and not the money, wealth, name, fame. Etc.

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