Explore the wonderful & Unforgettable Taj Mahotsav 2015, Agra


Taj Mahotsav/ Carnival/ Jubilee, which is one of the most eagerly awaited grand festivals & invokes the memories of the ancient Mughal Era and the style of the Nawabs prevalent in the state of Uttar Pradesh during  the period of the 18th and 19th centuries, is an annual event of 10 days (celebration every year since the year of 1992 A.D. from the date of 18th to 27th of February) held at Shilpgram near the Eastern Gate of the ‘Taj Mahal’ in Agra, U.P. (India). The ‘Taj’ is the most beautiful historical site of India to tell the people about Incredible India.

This carnival, which is the source for the growth of Indian Tourism, is really organized by the Tourism Department of the state of Uttar Pradesh to provide the people the information of India to find the rich  arts, cultures, crafts, cuisine, music and dance.

The historic city ‘Agra’ (mentioned as ‘Agarvan’ in the epic Mahabharata & marked as ‘Agra’ on the world map by Ptolemy, the renowned geographer of the 2nd century) was also known as ‘Akbarabad’ during the commencement of the reign to the Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Arts & Crafts

In this carnival, approx 400 artisans from the various parts of India are offered a chance to show their works of art. The description of a few among them is following:

The Carvings of Wood/Stone from Tamilnadu, the Work of Bamboo/Cane from North East India, the Work of Paper Mash from the Southern India and the State of Kashmir, the Work of Marble and Zardozi from Agra, the  Carvings of Wood from Saharanpur, Brass Wares from Moradabad, Hand Made Carpets from Bhadohi, Chicken Work from Lucknow, Pottery from Khurja, the Work of Zari & Silk from Banaras, Carpets & Shawls from Kashmir/Gujarat, the Work of Hand Printing from Farrukhabad the Work of Kantha Stitch from the State of West Bengal, etc.


This is the grand event, which begins with a road procession with the decorated camels and elephants like the processions of triumph of the Mughal Emperors and the lords of wars. This procession is also attended by the drum beaters, folk dancers, trumpet players, skilled craftsmen and artisans (coming from all over India for displaying their art and craftsmanship).

New Commencement

Having understood the significance of the carnival, the AIDS Control Society of the state of Uttar Pradesh uses various folk dances to campaign about the awareness of AIDS.

Entry & Tickets

For everybody, the Entry Ticket is for Rs. 40 (the Children below the age of 10 are free)

All the visitors from the foreign countries require no tickets to enter the event.