Honeymoon Destinations of India

Honeymoon is the relaxing space between  your time, money and energy consuming wedding and your new life together. New wed couples like to have an enchanting honeymoon experience as it is a crucial wind down pace before they take their new setting of living as a couple, couples are allowed a grace period of to still be boyfriend and girlfriend during their honeymoon, and one can be an amorous boyfriend and girlfriend during their honeymoon. Inhibition has no place during this mystical romantic period.  India offers many exquisite destinations in best honeymoon packages that many top notch providers have to offer.



Kerala is one of the most sought out honeymoon destination in India, This boat driven state has a unique romantic vibe for honeymooners, a stay in the houseboat is said to be one of the best experience in Kerala. It is not the only attraction in the state has to offer, with its lush green vegetations and Clean and clear beaches. Kerela is a honeymoon paradise.


With its endless array of world renowned beaches, the coastal city has a unique place for honeymooners. Goa, being the party town of India, honeymoon experience in Goa of many attractions and entertainment. The city is filled with Portugal architectural monuments and quite a handful of wildlife reserves. Goa is a place for all occasions, but don’t fear having an average honeymoon experience, an experience in Goa is monumental and unique every time you visit the place.

Kulu Manali

Often called as the fairyland of India, honeymoon in this enchanting hill station is a fairytale experience. Manali offers breathtaking scenic views with not much hassle with its majestic mountains and serene green flora all around. Kullu offers more  spiritual experience with it monasteries and world renowned temples. However, it is not just temples in Kulu, hot spring in Kulu manali honeymoon packages has an attraction around the globe. Kulu Manali is a well sought after destination for tourists not just in India, but around the world.

Lakshadweep lslands

What is more romantic than having pleasure time with your beloved in a secluded island? None, would be the answer and Lakshadweep island will be the answer to your query of “where”. With it emerald beaches Lakshadweep is one of the most romantic destinations in India to have your honeymoon.

These are some of the exotic romantic destination that India has to offer for honeymooners and can be found in any best honeymoon packages that well trusted provider has to offer.