Kerala The Honeymoon Spot

Kerela, need no introduction internally as it is one of the most sought out tourist destination in India, what is is also famous for is being one of the top destinations in India for honeymoon packages. Honeymoon packages in Kerala are increasing being sought after as Kerala offers an unique experience for anyone who visits Kerala. Kerela with its virgin clean, beaches, backwaters, wildlife parks and sanctuaries, Keralite unique traditional spa and its extremely luxury hill resorts, Kerala offers numerous attraction for the honeymooners and tourists here.


The beaches in Kerala offer an altogether a different and unique experience, its not just a stroll in the sands before the endless sea, the clean and serene beach in Kerala, which are adorned by lush palm trees, gives an exotic and romantic feel in this tropical setting. The beach hosts many hotels and restaurants. A candle light dinner is a romantic experience, that is not be missed by the honeymooners here.

The scenic beauty of Kerala cannot be explained in words as the lush green and the hill tops offer Kerala a green sight all around which is soothing to the city seen sore eyes. The hill resorts makes sure you wake up to a splendid picturesque view, which is fascinating and enchanting.

Anyone who visits Kerala is never to ignore the backwaters of Kerala, the backwaters of Kerala offer a calm secluded ride, which is a very romantic experience to be enjoyed along with your better half. Ahoneymoon couple often optes to take least a night’s stay in the houseboat, spending a night in the floating wooden domicle is an experience that is strictly for that as words can never do justice for it. Kollam, Allapey, Kumarakom, Cochin are some of the most visited backwaters in Kerala.

Kerala has their unique traditional spa, Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a traditional art of India, having its roots in the herbal healing arts, this unique spa like treatment is all natural often including herbal ingredients. This is a never like before spa experience as this treatment truly rejuvenates and heals minor ailments, Ayurveda is not just spa pampering, it is a form of healing arts.

Besides from treating you eyes with the awe- inspiring views and relaxing your body with ayurveda as a soul cleansing experience. One should not forget to tantalize their taste buds with the most relished Keralite cuisine.

Kerala is one of the hot spot destination in India, as Honeymoon packages in Kerala is being much sought after and those who do are never disappointed with their stay in Kerala.