Honeymoon packages in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the highly sought out tourist destination in India, not only by the people of India, but internationally. Having been proudly called as “honeymoon paradise of India”. With its lush green flora, in the snow laden hills and the cool climate round about the year, honeymoon packages in Himachal Pradesh has been the most solicited in India.


Being the northerly state of India, Himachal Pradesh comprises of three main tourist destinations. Namely Kullu, Manali and Shimla. Three being individually was always included in the catalogue for the most desired honeymoon destinations in India, imagine choosing a honeymoon package in Himachal Pradesh, having all three included in your romantic voyage. Such an experience will be truly special and monumental in your memory.

Manali takes the number one spot in the trio of honeymooners paradise, this serene hill station wages a majestic view which leaves the viewers wonder-struck. Along with its awe-inspiring views and the lush green of the canopy of the flora. Manali provides an exotic and an erotic setting for the newly wed couples who are brimming with love and care for one another. One should say Manali adds a tinge of lust in the air, but such a  setting has never been complained by the honeymooners in Manali.

One does not explore Manali alone, the next contender in the honeymoon paradise is Kulu, often Kulu Manali is visited together by tourists and honeymooners. This picturesque destination is a but sophisticated than Manali. If Manali is said to take the spectator into a time forgetting trance, Kulu takes the romantic explorers into reverential journey. Your stay at Kulu would be a bit religious and spiritual as the reverend city offers the spectators some world renowned temples and monasteries. Raghu temple, Jaganath Devi temple, Manu temples and Tibetian monasteries are some of the noteworthy tourist attractions Kulu has to offer. Hot water springs are another relaxing experience that Kulu has to offer.

Last but not least Shimla a well reckoned hill station of the state with its exalated view and loft snow laden mountain, Shimla has the proud name of Queen of Hills. Shimla has an array of activities for tourists and honeymooners here, making their say an interesting and never before experience.

Honeymoon package in Himachal Pradesh  covers you the most exotic, erotic and romantic honeymoon you can expect in India.