Relive the Rajasthan Royalty

hawa-mahalKnown by many names like, the desert state of India, the pink city bearer. Rajasthan oozes royalty by its lavish historical monuments. Rajasthan is a vacation destination in  India that will take you back to an era which can be found still alive there. To have a complete experience choosing the best Rajasthan tour packages is necessary. As these packages include a complete overview of this astounding city and checks your bucket list of the must to see places here. However, if you happen to tour these royal lands by your own, I will include the places that you have to visit being in Rajasthan. There are four main places that a tourist has to visit in Rajasthan and they are given below.

Jaipur  It is the city’s pride and a short nickname that the city proudly boasts, Jaipur is the pink city of Rajasthan. Jaipur has many monuments like the Red fort, Gala goof temple which were built by kings of different era. Jaipur is a must to visit city in Rajasthan as one cannot claim to be in Rajasthan if they haven’t seen and experience the pink city.

Udiapur  Again a royalty tainted city, the most awe-inspiring factor of Udaipur is its scenic beauty of its wonderful landscapes. Though the landscapes are its major factor, monuments are no lacking in this city. City palace complex, monsoon palace and pichola lake are some of the major tourist attractions here.

Jaisalmer  equally eloquent city to its rivals, Jaisalmer has Jaisalmer Palace, Gadisisar Sagar lake, Tazia palace as its main tourist attractions.


Jodhpur  This city is recently becoming notorious for its colour based nickname, Jodhpur claims the name of  “blue city” of Rajasthan. Mehranghar fort, Umaid Bhawan palace are some of its top attractions.

Taking a vacation in Rajasthan is pleasure experience that cannot be given justice in words, right way of touring this splendid state is as important as deciding Rajasthan as your vacation destination. It is advised to choose the best Rajasthan tour packages to experience this astounding city in all its glory. Though only four noteworthy places in Rajasthan are given above, Rajasthan boasts numerous monuments and pleasure activities apart from them. Rajasthani cuisines is something that might make you to stay in that wonderful city or least will make you extent your vacation


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