Go Goa, go Glamorous!


The colorful home of happiness and warmth, Goa has always been a trending tourist destination since the time of the Portuguese.  This extravagant destination lures thousands of tourists from around the world each year. This year too Goa has something very exceptional to offer! The Goa Carnival!

Goa Carnival: a festival for all

From love birds to friends to family to stranger to all the people in world, Goa carnival is a must to attend. Embarking its ruling of the festival from the 14th of February, the Valentine’s Day, the festival has a lot to offer when it comes to the richness of the Goa -n culture. This Four day festival brings you all the pleasure and excitement that you just can’t miss the fun. If you did miss, you missed it all!

Cultural spectacle and celebrations

From colorful costumes to the erring dance forms, from the curry cuisines to the humming songs, the Goa culture has a lot to offer.  If planning to go on a holiday this month, then why not lay your hands on the best Goa Packages? To embrace the endless fun, it’s all when you say “Let’s go Goa”.

Then why sit and rest when you are a mover and packer who loves that sun bath at the yummy beaches!

Know more about the Goa Packages to Goa Carnival


The Goa carnival is not just a daylight hour’s beauty, it has a churning ruby insight to all the enjoyment that you need. The love essence of the Goa culture has been prevalent since forever and is still love by tourists. This is the reason the Goa carnival has fetched a huge response and visitors keep returning.

The streets are filled with joyousness

The sparkles, the ribbons, the lights and the undeniable love that the Goa people have to offer you, you will certainly love to explore those most happening streets of the town while you witness the Goa Carnival 2015.  From the rock music to the live band performances, the colourful view to the dancing processions, shining Goa has even the Grand ball rooms and fireworks to offer you with the most amazing happiness to spread around you while your visit.  From dusk to dawn it’s Goa Carnival that will keep you going on and on…!

Love thy Theatre and the Mock battles

Plays have been an epic all time favorite of many tourists. You witness here the daring men who revive the olden Shakespeare days when even a role of a female was played by a man onstage. You would certainly not want to miss the shimmering costumes and the most intrinsic part of the Goa carnival. The Mock battles are played in groups by the people who are loaded with eggs, colorful water balloons, saw dust etc.  Other than this the competition winners are declared as well with the prizes at the final day of the carnival.

I love my taste buds!

If you’re at the Goa Carnival and you’re a foodie, would you miss the Food Festival? No way! You have all the lip smacking cuisines at the Goa food fest where you can delight your tongue with the various cuisines like that of the lamb and the curry or even the robust Feni liquor that comes with the cashew variant (Mind you , its famous!)

This space is way too less to express the Goa Carnival in words. To feel the embracing vibe you need to book your tickets and get it all with your Goa Packages  with ARV holidays who will take you miles with your crazy days, your holidays!


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