best Rajasthan tour packages


If you happen to an Indian food lover, then Rajasthan is one of the crucial places you need to be, to tantalize your taste buds. All that stands in your way to your exquisite experience is you picking the best Rajasthan tour packages. Presuming that you did, here are the top dishes that your have least one in your meals at Rajasthan.

Dal bati churma  This is the top dish of the state, without which the Rajsathani cuisine feels incomplete. This intricate dish complies of three parts, the dal, Bati which is the white balls and choorma, the sweet powder. This king of the Rajasthani dish is a time consuming dish, as it is prepared at three levels, but while consuming Dal bati churma is it worth all the effort.

Pyaz ki kachori  I’m hollering at all the spicy food lovers, Pyaz ki Kachori is your thing. Originating from the town of Jodpur, this is a renowned dish of the state, which is considered one of the specials in the breakfast menu.

Bajre ki khichdi  This highly popular dish hails from this state, is it now being influenced by its neighbouring cuisines to come up with different flavours.

Rajasthani desserts   like the cherry on the icing, the desserts are the eye-catching elements or I should say the tongue-catching elements of Rajasthani cuisine. The top of the line for these majestic meal finishers are Kalakand or milk cake, Mong dal halwa, Sohan halwa and ghewar. Rajsathani desserts are often made with Besan or wheat. However, these sweets are prepared with munificent amounts of ghee, thus giving them a rich look, taste and feel. Rajasthani sweets tend to be sweeter than most of the sweets of India.

Thus concluding our tasty travel into the mystic Rajasthani cuisine, the state apart from its notoriously delicious dish offer you a distinctive array of culture and experience that is exclusive from the rest of India. Rajasthan offers a wonderful time that all your senses can feast upon. So I would ugre you with good conscience to choose the best Rajasthan tour packages  out there and to enjoy this this wonderful city in all its glory, which will remain as a cherished memory for all lifetime.


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