Affordable Indian vacation


India is a country so versatile, so unique, so varies yet so unified. A vacation in India, tend to give various experiences. A vacation spent in one part of India is totally different in another part starting from language, vegetation, climate, culture, cuisine and everything. There is not two same things in India, it’s a nation that is unique in its every small and intricate details. However, for everyone it is enthusiastic to read and revel in the details but to make a real vacation to happen, the monetary aspect always put a damp in our aspiration to explore the world, fear not my faithful readers for cheap Indian tour packages here are the top five India’s tourist destinations.

Agra Holding an everlasting place when the word India and vacation collide, Agra takes the first place in cheap Indian tour packages. Having Taj Mahal the world wonder in its arsenal, Agra needs no further advertisement. The symbol of love is enough to draw international visitors to revel, examine and experience this non rivaled monument.

Jaipur and Udaipur These wonderlands in Rajasthan gets into our top ten lists with its majestic beauty of still existing monuments of the Rajasthan dynasty. Jaipur city palace, Amet port, Pichola lake are the must to visit when in Rajasthan.

Kerala This lush green state has a calm and serene that soothes your nerves. Backwater house boat ride, is not to be missed while in Kerala.

Goa The coastal party town of India needs no more to be said, this is one of the most sought out honeymoon destination in India. Goa is also notoriously known for its wide array of availability of water sports.

Kashmir The snow laden state of India is a vacation destination in a class apart with many attractions such as Shikara ride, houseboat stay and shopping from the floating market on Dal lake.

These five destinations make the cheap Indian tour packages. These affordable destinations in india makes your vacation dreams come true without pinching your pocket too much. Thought don’t be fooled by their humble expenditure, these destinations will leave you with one of the best vacation experience for a lifetime. These pocket friendly cheap Indian tour packages are a must to visit whether you are on a  budget or not.


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